Tło Low Beskids

Magura National Park

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The park located in the heart of the Low Beskids covers the Magura Więtska massif, the range of Ostra Góra and Dziamera and the southern part of Magura Małastowska. From the world of inanimate nature, Magura sandstone outcrops are a tourist attraction, grouped among others on "Diablim Stone" or "Kornuty" Reserve - directly adjacent to the Park. The latter is also one of the longest in the Low Beskids "Mroczna Cave" with a total length of corridors of almost 200 m. A charming element of this part of the Carpathians are also cultural and landscape values. We will meet here numerous wooden churches, Lemko huts, the so-called "chyże", stone crosses and roadside shrines, or even unique cemeteries from World War I - testifying to the very rich history of this region. The landscapes of non-existent towns with visible traces of former land use also introduce into their specific mood.


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